Local Mustang had the itch for me.

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Your mother

Still swingin from my nuts? I love your witty comebacks. They are so original.

Get a life limp di<k.
We gotta live one here.....

Ho boy! This is gonna be fun! Notice how you are my bitch by continuing to amuse me! If you respond you will be my bitch. If you don't, you're................oh, you're still a BITCH.

Why don't u head over to corral.net with your 89 notch with heads, cam, blah, blah, blah... If you don't like the constant bitching and sh!t talking about stangs then why did you come here:confused: Just like your a "stang person" we are "buick people" and you don't see me posting over on corral.net about how I hate the constant bitching and complaining and EXCUSES made by stang owners when I hand them their ass with my little V6 buick!!!:D If you ask me your the BITCH for coming here to complain about people on this forum and buick guys in general... BTW, the topic of this thread is a kill story where a GN beat a Mustang just to remind u and if you don't like it that's too bad cause it's a daily occurance for most people on this forum:D
Read the above posts, jerkoff. I am a car enthusiast! I LIKE GN'S! Maybe you can't read very good.

I know this is a buick forum and I said good kill.

I can't help it some of you guys are disrespectful, a$$holes.

I am the coolest person when I hand anyone their ass (especially GN's, because I have respect). I am also cool when someone hands me my ass. When I win a race against a GN, I don't sit there and say "Ha Ha, I handed that Grandma National it's ass! What a POS!" If you can't see what I am getting at, you're a bitch too!

I guess some people just have low IQ's and can't respect anything that they don't have.

With that I will say good day.

P.S. Just remember, damn near anything with a turbo can be fast, so you guys aren't gods. THIS STATEMENT IS NOT DIRECTED TOWARD ALL GN OWNERS, JUST THE KNOB POLISHERS THAT THINK THEY HAVE THE BADDEST CARS ON THE PLANET!
Now I have two bitches!

Thank you for proving my point!

When you and Cool 84 get done gaging each other, let's have a civilized conversation.

I guess that u responding to me makes u my bitch LOL... If you want to have a civilized conversation that's cool with me... I guess I'll start by asking what blah, blah, and blah is??? I'm guessing a bottle, gears, and intake... Anyways, my cousin in Philly is building a 347ci heads/cam/intake motor for his 92 LX and he will be going with a 100 shot with 4.10 gears... The car is a 5spd and he expects the car to run low 11s to high 10s on the bottle, but I'm wondering what it's capable of off the spray... Any ideas of what it will most likely run on motor would be appreciated:cool: BTW, I don't think my car is THE BADDEST CAR ON THE PLANET cause it only runs low 12s and I'm also a car enthusiast that respects the potential of mustangs (mainly 5.0s), cause I've seen plenty of fast ones at the track and at car shows... Just thought you were a troll based on a couple of your posts, and the way u went about stating them, but u seem to be able to stop the flame BS and I respect that:)

This is funny. All I did is point how how funny it is that Reggie got flamed by another Mustang owner. Quit acting like a bitch.
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