Long list of Parts and Rare stuff

Nope, haven't heard back yet. Still anxiously awaiting a response on the item I committed to buy.

21. Caspers GEN 2 30" entension harness. NEW ! $ 15
Hi, No not flaking just with family in town from another state and airport shuttling and a day time job life has been a little CRAZY !:confused: If you never sold anything on here it is a cluster to answer all the emails and PM and get pics to everyone HAHAHA. Then to find boxes for all the weird sizes. I live WAY OUT in the country so it took me longer then i thought. I AM TRULY SORRY for the wait ! I am sending emails and PM to all that asked for shipping. If it fits in a Priority box or package it is going out that way to save everyone on shipping.
Uploaded some more pics of parts people wanted.


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Hi Jerry,

PayPal Payment for itme #21. Caspers GEN 2 30" entension harness has been sent.

Thank you,