**LOOK** Bunch of NICE stock parts for sale with pics

Fat Nat

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May 25, 2001
Here you go guys, cleaned out the garage and found more stuff you might be interested in. These prices INCLUDE shipping. Please call me with any questions, 410-490-8405. I have a ton of stuff even if you don't see it in the picture.
Right hand grand national marker light (2 of these) near mint condition 45 each
Hard heater line 55
Alt Y bracket 35
Acc Bracket 70
Belt tensioner 70
Turbo support bracket 45
Fuel sender 75
Intercooler fan 30
Shifter 40
power steering resivoir 70
Hard vac lines 40
oil dipstick and tube 50
trans dip stick and tube 50
battery hold down 15
Billet inlet bell 25
aluminum underdrive pulley 50

Thank you,


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Battery hold down

Interested in the battery hold down. Is this just the bracket? Or bolts as well? Thanks Clayton

ill take the hard vac lines need address for sending the money order thanks please reply .