Looking for 86/87 T Type in Midwest


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Looking for a nice driver quality car. Mods or stock OK. Buckets or bench OK.

Prefer non black, had black over red and am looking for something different this time.

Illinois, Wis, MI or IN.

I likely won't travel very far to see the car so might as well be upfront about it.

Looking to spend <12K.

Thanks in advance and thanks for this great forum.
I have a pretty nice black over red 87 T that i'm going to sell soon. Currently waiting for digital dash rebuild from Casper. Send me your email address and phone number and i will try to forward you pics and info. Thanks, Howard.

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Have this one.. But a little more than $12k


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I misunderstood ur post. I thought u were looking for a black over red T. My bad.

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