Looking for 86 or 87 t or gn


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Oct 6, 2018
I am looking for a grand national or t type to fix up and work on that’s cheap that’s 8000 and lower. I am located in Chicagoland area

Rick the pool guy

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Feb 7, 2017
Here's what to look for when looking at a TR
1.check rpo tag located on the trunk lid. The code you are looking for is lc2 that's the turbo motor RPO code.
2.check transmission tag located passenger side code is BRF
3.check vin number to make sure it's a turbo car a lot of people love cloning a regal and calling it something it's not .
4.if you are looking at a T top car very important to check the floors t tops are notoriously known for leaks which will rot out the floors and check under the weather stripping in the t tops for rot
5. Check rear frame rails for rot .
6 .buy a solid roof car (see#4)
There's a lot of great information on this forum just do some research the more you know will help you purchasing the car .