Looking For A G/n Near Jersey!!!


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Dec 27, 2005
I am interested in buying my wife a new toy to go to the track with me. it is not important stock or modded, but it must be nice looking, no rust cars or bad paint wanted. she and i are both in the market to find hopefully one tastfully modded but still be reliable as well. it may even be a toy to show so it must be very presentable motor wise, interior and exterior. let me know what you got. also please no museum cars wanted i got some money to spend but dont want to drop 25 k or more on a toy thats going to see the road a dozen times a year. thanks folks. ;)
Look What I Got

Look Here Mabey This Catches Your Eye!


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Heard the FBI had them but troopers too?

Nice paint and Good looking
Blue Turbo T

Where are you located and what price range are you looking to get for it. I always run into people that want these cars and say they just dont see them for sale anywhere.