Looking For A Radiator

Hi Guys I Have A 1987 Buick Gn With 73,000 Miles On It.my Radiator Has A Few Holes In It.i Wanna Know Where Is The Best Place To Buy A New Radiator For My Car.if You Can Point Me In The Right Direction I Surely Will Appreciate It.
F-body radiator from Autozone, CarQuest, O-O-O-O'Reillys, or Advance. From what I have heard it is a direct drop in with an aluminum core. It's less than $200! Someone will chime in. I gotta get one too.
Your engine oil cooler will have to be removed/looped/ placed on a remote seperate cooler. for the f body rad

91 5.7 iroc will work.

Also check out gbodyparts.com and ptsextreme they have drop in alum radiator that all things still hook up, not cheap but the best out there.

Also arizona gn.com has a high eff 3 row copper brass replacement core that is good. ..better than stock core by far.


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