Looking for a turbo Buick:

New build for you ??? Killer !
How are are you man ?
You better save the Vaseline for when you get the bill on your build ... :)

You going to make it to BG this year ? I am thinking about making a change to mine... E85. May be stepping out of TAI, which will make Lou happy... :)

Got any pics of that mother, oops, I mean monster.I really don't want to stomp on anybody, but I, on the other hand, don't want to get embarrassed at the light or stop sign either. Roll bar?
I got one. Don’t need to sell but probably should. Needs nothing but front and rear bumper fillers. Interior is mint. Paint is good but not great. 87k miles. Runs and drive great. Pretty much stock. Pm me


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Many thanks to all who offered a turbo buick for sale or noted info on where 1 was at.
I bought my old 40K mile white turbo Buick back.
Looking for a 54-56 buick century. Prefer driver but open. Looking for something that has an very nice solid body and floors. Doesn't have to be perfect. 10k budget since I have to consider cost of shipping. I am located in Michigan If that matters.


Might want to post this in "the lounge" or another forum.

The OP just passed away so this is kind of weird......