looking for cam


Hey guys it has been a while but I can remember that everyone was talking about some kind of split duration cam that worked really good for our cars if anyone can remember please tell me where I can order one
i hear they are on back order every where but never checked my self,

northern auto parts has the cam, if you need the number i can find it for ya
I found this on federal mogul page: it is the pro-2000 camshaft with order info- click on applications and enter your buick info, and it will give you three camshaft options, you'll see the 204/214 cam in the middle. Click on the part number in the row, and it will show you all the specs! Good luck!


Nice, so what does tha cam and lifer kit include? It doesn't come with the valve springs, retainers and locks, does it? And what about the Speed Pro timing set? Good stuff?
sorry iam so late, looks like every one beat me to it.

Northernauto parts 1 800 831 0884


i think my brother paid $96.00 for it. I dont think you will find it on the site but if you call they can help you out. By the way i had this cam in my 86 gn idles real nice

hope it help