Looking for car ideas


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May 25, 2001
My daughter wrecked her car, so I'm on the lookout for ????
Any ideas, I've been looking at some GTP's, SRT's and WRX's, not that she really cares. Her requirements are pretty simple, air, pw, pdl and good mileage.
I'd really like to stay around the $10'000.00 area, the problem I've found is they all seem to look the same when I start looking, BLA..... :(

Let hear some ideas for a nice young lady.

How's her right foot Mike? I personally would get a WRX, but I'm not sure if it's in your price range. Guess it's a matter of how fast DON'T you want her to go, and insurance costs for a given vehicle. Good luck, and I hope she is alright. Brian
"My daughter wrecked her car, so I'm on the lookout for ????"

Buick Century off a lease with the base motor and all the optional airbags.

I wouldn't consider a performance vehicle.

What did she wreck?

Thread is useless without pics., that be of the lady, not the wrecked car. ;) :D
She had her sister's hand me down Escort ZX2, piece of junk, I never liked that car. I-95 is under construction down here..............the area where she had a problem has barrier walls on both sides with no area to get off the road. She was behind a cargo van doing about 60mph, when suddenly the van switch lanes, there was a car stopped dead in the lane, I guess you know the rest. She came out in one piece, a little shaken with some air bag rash on her arms and face, I'm glad she had her seatbelt on. I thank god, it could have been real ugly. Who said those Irish girls don't have good luck.

Now it's all up to pop to come up with something new. My wife told me to let her drive one of my cars or trucks LOL... I told her the same thing my old man told me "Hey, walking ain't crowded", that didn't go over to well.

I think pictures will have to wait till the swelling goes down.