looking for good doors and trunk lid 87 gn in chicago area

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
trunk lid does not have to be off of a gn doors can be off of a 81-87 cutlass or regal

i have a trunk lid that's in excellent condition for $100
i'm 2 hrs east of chicago
let me know if either of you are interested .... i'd like to have it out of my way:wink:
bw jones
trunk lids

i also have a trunk lid, silver, not off a gn but very clean and i can deliver mine and bwjones to cook/ dupage or will counties---tim
This isnt my thread, but thats not how it works yamla. The original poster gets first dibs. After that, youre next in line.

Yea you need to make your own tread so people can respond about the parts your looking for they will pm you or email you if they have something you can use ..
trunk lid

sorry guys ...... my mistake.
i should have stated that 'the wrath' has first dibs because he had the original post of the thread.

in this case however, it all worked out ok because UnderdogGN (Tim) also has a nice trunk lid available making it possible for each to buy one.

to 'the wrath' ....... please contact UnderdogGN regarding the lid he has available. tim's a great guy to deal with and i am confident the lid he has will be very nice.

to tim ....... thanks for the offer to deliver to the chicago area. talk to you soon.

to all ....... again, my apologies for the confusion.

bw jones
If those don't work out for you all I have a clean trunk lid and will be in Chicago this Saturday. I can bring it with if you don't get it from one of the other guys. Thanks,
Did everyone find what they were looking for?

I have:
2 trunk lids
2 Turbo hoods
2 Doors
2 Quarter panels

I can dig them out if anyone wants pics.
I live near Brookfield Zoo if any one wants to see them in person.