Looking for guy who has GN with 20" TT II's in Avatar!!

Hi we have already spoke an you did help.. But there is a guy here with 20" TT II's just like you but with out flares an hes figured all this out already... From talking with you I think a 20X10 with 4.75 should workout back an a 20X8 with a 3.75 up front.. Now to strart withthe tires seems theres not a big selection in sidewalls for 20" tires..
20inch TT

Hey i was thinking about putting some on my 86t-type and i have been checking around and i was needing the offsets i was going to just go 20x8 all the way around but if anyone got some and the offsets it would be nice to get them thanks.

So where in the heck is Leighton Alabama??? Must be a small town!! I live in Birmingham but my car stays in Gadsden I am sure you havr heard of these two areas.. Of all the rims for regals I think TT II"s are one of the best looking. When you get ready I have found a guy in texas who so far has the best prices on theses wheels.. Its just too bad you can't already get them in blk. In the wheel gallery on T6P.com the guy who i am talkin about an trying to find has his Gn in there . Its obviously the one with the 20's on it.I have talk with him before but for the life of me can't remember his name.. :frown: These peole here have some very sharp wheels also @ a fair price..www.zyoxxwheels.com They have 2 new blk star designs that are not on the web site that will blow your mind. They are bar none the sharpest i have ever seen!!!! :eek:
20 Tt

Yes leighton is a small town in Northwest AL....What place in Texas have those rims cheap i can get them up this way for about $2400 with tires........
Well then you can get them cheaper then me cause this place wants 1469.00 with out tires.. An thats a set of 20x10's an 20x8's.. What kind of tires are you getting for that price??
RUQWKNF27, where did you see these zyoxx 5 stars in blk if they arent on thier site. I am also in the wheel market and interested in seeing these.
They are in this month's issue of "DUB" Magazine.. Can't remember what page but I know its on the right page.. They are extremely sharp . They only come in 8.5 wide, so thats the only downside plus they probaly are real high cost.. For TT II's I am getting a average cost of $1470.00 to $1600.00 a set for 20x10's an 20x8's.. I know they look good . Just look @ Hybrid's car plus those model DUB City Regal's have them on them. As a matter of fact they have a white regal with black 20"s TT II's on it an thatys where I got the orginial idea..
I ordered my TT II today and with tires 20X8 all around i got them for $2370 not bad..........when i get them i will post a pic..