Looking for Previous Owner - '87 Turbo T


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I just bought an '87 Turbo T from a guy (Jessie J.) in Ft. Collins, CO who got it about 3 months ago on a trade. He bought with a sick motor, which has a loud clacking noise. He doesn't have the previous owner's contact info, and only has some basic info on the history. According to the guy I bought it from, the previous owner had just had the motor rebuilt, possibly from a reputable motor builder...he thought (not too confident) that the rebuilder might have been in NJ...or somewhere else in the Eastern region. There is strong indication that the motor was more recently dropped in, as it is quite clean.

He says that the motor was "built", but didn't know anything about what was done. I'm hoping to locate the previous owner so I can get more info on it. He also says that it has 39K original miles, which I doubt. Though there's no rust on the body, it looks more like 139K. It's conceivable that the interior is in such poor condition because it's been sun-beaten.

I did a (cheap, not CARFAX) vehicle history VIN check, and it only shows title transfer history back to '99.

Tennessee, 1999
Florida, 2002
Florida, 2003
Colorado, 2010

No odometer readings on any of the above (3 state exempt, 1 states unknown).

So if you recognize this car, most likely from the person who bought it in 2010, I'd be highly appreciative if you can get me in contact with the previous owner.



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