Looking for someone to do me a favor.....


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Can someone who has switched over to the 87 ECM, 87 MAF, and if they have a scantool that they use......Please go out and put the pedal to the floor and take note of your AF, or MAF Numbers. Seems like my Car dosent want the MAF to go over 216, but the MAF is good (we put it on a buddys 87 TR and it pegged 255)

If someone would be willing to help me out that would be great!

Mine hits 254 from 10 psi on up, won't ever go to 255 for some reason. It looks like you're just not flowing enough air to peg it. From what I remember around 105mph trap speeds is enough to peg it.
Yes..I understand that....but When I put on my 84 MAF It goes up to about 240-245.......but if I swap it out, and put on my 87 MAF it only goes up to 209 or 216 Tops!? I know with my new TA-33 Turbo I am not flowing that "little" air!
The 84 MAF is calibrated different. That's why you have to run the 87 MAF with the 87 ECM. Mine ran way rich with the 84 MAF and 87 ECM which would make sense. What are your trap speeds? If they're not at least above 100mph I would say there's no chance of pegging the 87 one.
Car ran 14.2 @ 97 with stock exhaust elbow...knocking up at the end of the track, and the SES light was on (for TPS too high)....I also have the poston headers, and 3" DP with ported exhaust elbow.....I know I should be flowing a good amount of air.

With the 87 MAF on my car it did run rich, but I was sometimes able to run a good amount of boost. (SES light would go on at idle...O2 sensor Rich Code)

Now with the 87 MAF, and 87 ECM (18* timing chip) I am running 10psi of boost and seeing ALOT of knock!

I think the MAF #'s low might have something to do with it!
I run the 87 ecm with a Thrasher but I run the 85 MAF. I have a 2200 ohm resistor (ala Cliff Wolff) in line at the computer ( don't remember the pin location) so the "MAT" reads 70 degrees all the time and I don't have a rich problem at all now (new Blue Tops). I get the full 255 from about 13 psi all the way on up. I have a 9"K&N cone on the end of the MAF. If you still have the stock filter housing or a paper element, it might not reach full potential. I have a TA-33 also but am only getting 3 degrees knock on the 1-2 shift and none the rest of the run.
I just read your recipe below your post. Nevermind about the air cleaner. : )
Yeah, I was able to pull a 106mph. I hope to get it back to there or at least a little quicker since it runs really well now. Next outing to the track, I hope to get it near a low 13 instead of the best of 14.136 or the recent strings of 15 flat @96 with the junk injectors.