Looking to trade off Kustom 84 GN

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Just picked up this 84 GN & here is what last owner did to car I planned on keeping car but health makes it impossable to work on cars any more & this starts very very hard thought it was going to leave me stranded at docs office yestserday but it did start but that along with heater being gutted does not make it a car i want to keep as i had planned so looking to trade for another GN pref with TTops or clone GTX pref with a chev sb or BB & yes i know this is turbobuick but i can work on chev motors if i have to pics of car are here

GRAND NATIONAL pictures by gothabillie - Photobucket

& here is from owners ad for car

"Grand National came from Texas with 89k miles on it. The car had sat for 8 years and 5 Years ago had all new bushings, suspension, filler panels, paint, hood liner/supports, U-bolts, control arms, brakes and every other moving part including bearings and drums. New weatherstrip all around, full undercoating. Also all hoses and belts were replaced including power steering, radiator.
2 years ago full 87 upgraded interior with new carpet,headline and custom Leather door panels. Alpine CD player and 6x9’s

Recent modifications:
Custom 8 Gauge VDO Precision Instruments Dash
Fresh .030 buick engine with. Weber fully ported racing heads and intake
Harland sharp roller rockers
Siemens 57 lb injectors
High Volume custom ported front cover
HR parts Poly motor and transmission mounts
TA-60 Turbo
Erson 208 custom cam
Terry Houston 3" downpipe
Precision Front Mount Intercooler
Razor’s Progressive Methanol injection
EGT and Wideband monitoring
MAF Translator Plus with LS1 MAF
4” cold air K&N intake
Billet adjustable fuel regulator
B&M Ratcheting Mega shifter
Pro Built TH-400 with 2800 stall
Auborn Posi with 3.42 Gears
Huge Aluminum radiator
Ram Chargers Dual Fans
Hydro-boost Brakes
Oil and tranny cooler
Several chips including Full throttle’s Extender and Eric’s Turbo Tweak
There is almost 10K in the engine alone, This car is an easy low 11 second car as it sit’s. Boost is around 20lbs, and the tune is a very safe street tune. Way too many other little things to list. Examples would be custom Buick 6 valve covers, Oil catch can. All engine and driveline work was done by ASE Certified GM Tech. You will not be disappointed by this GN.

Forgot... Kings main and rod bearings and dual groove cam bearings.
Crank is 010/010, and engine is .030 over. It's a champion ported race
intake and the heads were heart-shaped full port from Weber racing in
Ohio. Paint is an 8-9 out of 10. Asking 20K as at least 30k was spent building this truly one of a kind Grand national"
Interested in a trade? Where are you located?



haha I wasnt trying to insult anyone with my trade offer and I also didnt say I couldnt put cash on the car. I was simply asking if you were interested. Thats all. And Im with the other guys. I didnt think the car was worth that much since its a swapped hot air car. glws
He needs to go look up iroc $$$ the iroc in some cases are pulling some big bucks. I would love to have a black iroc with maroon guts.
Bait might be better served on CL or Racin' Junk than on a Turbo Buick site. :confused::rolleyes:

It's Custom BTW with a C, not Kustom.
You couldnt wash it or at least get al the leaves off it, maybe vacuum the interior out. I mean a 20K car at least deserves that. haha