losing water!


Do I have a head gasket leaking or what? No water on the ground or in the oil. Every couple of months I have to put water in my radiater.
Smell the exhaust. Sounds weird, doesn't it? If it has antifreeze in it, it will smell sickly sweet.
Just had to pull my front cover due to it leaking on the drivers side. Never knew it was there until I was unde the car doing something and saw a small ting of green and followed it and spray up top/ front cover where h2o pump bolts up with brake clean and drove the car and walla found the sucker. Mine was leaking front cover to block
Couple of question. How much are you adding and how old is your rad cap? Reason I ask about the cap is because if it's not holding pressure properly the engine will heat up and some coolant will excape as steam. Seen this many times on customers cars. New cap usually fixes it.
thanks for the radiator cap info i'll change see if that corrects the problem. I have to put water in every 2 months depending on how much I drive it.