Lost and Found Turbo Buicks; Where are they now?


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Aug 21, 2002
So I started a post about Bruce Plecans GN, wondering where it is now. I find it interesting as he was quite an innovator/tinkerer and am sure his car had many things done to it.
Link to that post; http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/turbo-lounge/336585-member-bruce-bruce-plecans-gn.html
Well that seemed to spark more interest in other "historically significant" Turbo Buicks. In 25 years there have been many innovators, fast cars, firsts, magazine cars, etc the list goes on.
Some owners have kept them and maintained them, others let them go for various reasons, so.....Where are they now?

Feel free to post and add to this list.

I'll start with Where's Bruce's GN?