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Hello all,

I hardly ever take my car out on the streets. I bought it 2 years ago and back then, I was always travelling...Long story short, I never registered my car with the state of texas !!!! It's still registered to the guy I purchased it from. Since I have STUPIDLY lost the title, how do I go about requesting a lost title?
You will have to get with the guy who you purchased it from and if you can, he will have to apply for a lost title. Do you have a receipt or a bill of sale? If you dont and cant locate this guy, you are pretty much up a creek without a paddle. Legally, he is still the owner of the car and you are illegally driving someone elses car. I hope you can track the owner down or you are at a total loss.
Doing this right now. If you can get ahold of p/o it is much cheaper. If you cant then you need a reciept to do it yourself but it will cost more since you will have to get a bonded title first.
What about a mechanic lien...I have a friend that owns a body shop. Would that be a easier route? Would that even be possible

you can apply for a bonded title it cost DMV has forms and requirements

you can check adandon title laws vehicle is in your possession or stored on your property it requires a class two inspection from dmv they will come to you with proper forms submitted about $40.00 they will contact previous owner if you cant he has to contact you or they will send you a new title

use title service like charlie suggested

mech lien is only used when mech has performed service requested by owner and failed to pay or vehicle is abandon by owner after vehcile is in possession of shop do to cost of projected work

just a few thoughts
I had a similar situation with my GN. It hadn't been registered in about 10 years. The guy I bought it from never got it registered in his name because he never got it road worthy. He could get it registered where he lived in Maine, but I already had the car. To get it registered in Maine, an officer had to physically verify the vin #, but the car was already with me in Texas. :mad:

Long story short, I got a bonded title in the amount of about $25k, or 2.5 times what Texas thought the car was worth. It cost me about $300. I got the title. The whole process was a pain in the rear, but it was worth it. :cool:

I had to visit the main county title office for the bonded title paperwork, not the local tag office.
There is a lesson to be learned here. Never sell a car without going to the tax office with the buyer.

And never buy one without getting it changed you never know what can happen.
Never leave YOUR license plates on any car you sell. They belong to you and should stay with you once the car is sold. Now it becomes the sellers problem to get it registered and get plates or they cant drive it.

I take the plates off all the cars I sell or trade. I never have any issues.