Lots of parts for sale

I have 2 left and one has some surface rust on it. I just sent pics to one person so may just be able to sell 1 I think Dlynch is next thanks
Better pic with more light I also have these listed in other places.

1. Dan Moore
2. David La Bree


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I have everything that has been paid for boxed and ready to ship and wanted to thank everyone.
42.5 009's I think they are Lucas but can check they are not the 30# injectors. I also have a set of 50#injectors with a chip for 150.00 I think the chip is for 93 oct and a Armstrong but will have to check.
Sorry guys I have been paying attention to the turbo buick FB page I will reply to everyone again sorry for the late reply.
My cell number is 502-827-9243 please text or call as I have not been getting my alerts from turbo buick. I have replied to everything I have received if I didn't respond just call or text thanks again.
I don't think I have the radiator hose support bracket. I will see if I have a extra crossover. Thanks