Lots of parts that have to go!!

Sorry no ttop parts. I have interior plastics for hardtop cars. I think the sail panels might work...

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Lots of items shipped!
Lots more available.
Lots of big stuff has to go still
HVAC box
Fenders, etc...

Make me an offer and get it out of my way!!!
I am happy to ship anything, anywhere. However, please be mindful of shipping costs. ) I just shipped a coil pack, ignition module and bracket via fed ex and it was over $20!)
This is quite a big list and there's a bunch of stuff that I don't have listed. No performance parts but lots of odds and ends. I can provide pics. I am happy to ship anything you want... (Just be mindful that large items are more expensive than small items to ship).

2. HVAC box. Complete Upper and lower parts undamaged. Comes with Screen as well. (Prefer local pickup)
3. Misc hot air parts (intake manifold, t/b, uppipe, coil pack, etc.)
4. GN Grey interior plastic parts (sail panels, A-pillar, B-pillar, 2 gauge A-pillar pod)
5. Black out trim (windows, front and rear glass)
6. Metal piece on deck that is between rear window and deck lid
7. 3 fenders (all in decent shape- will need paint)
8. Passenger door (no glass or guts)- beautiful seams (prefer local pickup)

11. 1 pair of 8445 heads. They've been hot tanked but are untouched otherwise.
14. steering box (from 85ttype)- cleaned and painted
16. Powermaster (new/reman from cardone)
18. Grey dash pad (had split seam repaired- it's under the top plate so it is unseen. Does not include top plate but does include glove box, and a/c vents) (prefer local pickup)

20. blackout trim (front and rear windshield, roof rail, b-pillar)
21. black door locks
23. center console cover (goes over shifter)
24. random switches (headlight, dimmer, etc.)
25. Blackout Windshield cowl (needs paint)
26. Tail lights ( chrome trim only)
27. 2 third brake lights (grey and dark blue- need touch up on paint)
28. trans inspection cover (cleaned and painted high heat silver)
30. rear view mirror
31. 2 d/s remote mirrors ( 1 black, 1 gold, remote cables work great. Need paint)
32. Grey armrests (I have a blue one also)
33. floor shift assembly with cable (no handle)

36. charcoal canister (from 85 t)

Lots of other crap as well. If you do see what you need, shoot me a pm and ask. I may have it. I can provide pics of anything you need. I have not posted pics here as most of the stuff is self explanatory and they would take up a ton of room.

Feel free to make offer. This stuff has to go!

I also have some black plastic seat trim & some misc brackets for IC and H/A cars.

A complete set of stock headers (left, right and crossover - sold as a set only)- already welded

There's a bunch more that I'll list as I find it. If you have any questions please let me know.
I need the front air dams ( 2 pieces) and the rear 3 piece spoiler. shipped to florida 33983. let me know Thanks
Send you a PM requesting your number. I'm interested in many of your parts, including local pickup for large items. PM me back your phone number
Do you have the piece seat trim that goes on the door side of the driver seat that covers the seat track . It is for a power seat. In black.

I do. Haven't found the box that contains them yet. I'll post when I find them.
I think that there were a few people inquiring about them.
I do. Haven't found the box that contains them yet. I'll post when I find them.
I think that there were a few people inquiring about them.
I wish I could give you more detail on what I really need. It looks like there are 2 pieces on the door side. I need the bottom piece. I believe it's longer that then other one

Do you have any t tops pieces. I need the middle molding metal piece that looks like a T on the t tops. It holds the t tops in place. How much shipped to 33983.

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Oil fill tube- probably in one of the boxes.
No t-top parts. Sorry. Check with Brian at gbody. He has everything for ttops (new metal and all)