Lots of parts that have to go!!

Sorry to all who posted and received no response. I did not see the update...
So, I'll try to respond to everyone here:

turbobooster: I'm sure I have the plastic piece but my garage is jammed up right now and I've not been able to find the box with the seat trims. When I find them, I'll post up.
spooled up: sent you a pm
company man: I have some silver door escutcheons (not correct grey for gn)
Mike Radice: powermaster is NEW remanned- of course it works. It is still available.
87gn1: I'm pm'd you price and details back in May. Never heard back from you.
Received the vacuum ball today. Thank you for ultra fast shipping!

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You're very welcome sir!

Still have a bunch of parts available.
Big pieces too:
3 fenders
1 hvac box
1 door
1 rear trim plate that sits between rear window and trunk
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I have the shifter assembly with the cable attached.

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Is the powermaster sold ?
I never received a response ..

Bryan: I sent you a response on June 30th. You were waiting to hear back from RC. If anything has changed feel free to shoot me a PM.
I also have a few staydown license plate holders available as well as:
black windshield cowl
all three black door locks with the key
still have some of the black metal trim pieces

I'm really much more inclined to get rid of the larger stuff. I really need to free up some space. I am happy to ship ANYTHING- as long as you're mindful of the cost. (some of these items get pricey due to heavy duty packaging necessary to ensure safe arrival) Pick up is also fine (If you're coming to KY for BG, this could be your opportunity to pick up a few things.)

I still have lots of crap that has to go. Much of it not listed. If you don't see it, just ask.
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RicoR: Yes I have #6- 1 rear trim plate that sits between rear window and trunk... It was not for a vinyl top car. Not sure of what the difference would be.