low oil pressure or normal?


at start up cold with shell synthetic 10w30

its like 60-65 range

hot after runs sitting at idle its like 15-20

is this normal and BTW rpm at idle is 800
I see no problem with that oil presure. If you want to raise it a little than just go with a 15w 40 or 20w 50 in the hot summer running. But your oil presure looks fine to me.
Don't worry to much about your idle pressure. There's no real load on the engine so it's not that important. (obviously you need some!) The factory manual specs oil pressure as something like 32 psi at 2200 rpm. That's probably not the exact spec because I haven't looked for several years but you get the idea. If your pressure is there where it counts there is no need to go to a heavier oil.
Ive seen bone stock untouched engines run anywhere from 8-15 psi hot idle with 10W-30. Your just fine. As long as you have enough WOT pressure like what was mentioned above.
Those pressures are absolutely fine for a daily driver. The stock turbo requires a huge amount of oil and drops a considerable amount of pressure.

If you ever upgrade, consider a double BB unit. The BB units have a restrictor inline with the oil feed line. It limits oil flow to the turbo and leaves more pressure for the rest of the rotating assembly.