Low timing= fast spoolup

cool 84

Got hotair?
I did this a while back kind of on accident. A wire in my module came loose, it was one of the end wires. I guess it retarded the heck out of the timing. When I had the TA62 with stock convertor it honestly was fully spooled by the time my foot hit the floor. The spoolup was nothing short of unbelievable and the wastegate couldn't control it. I would have to back out very fast or it would overboost.

Now I know this is horrible for the motor, especially exhaust valves. I would hate to see what my EGTs were. But is it possible to have the timing really retarded just for spool up?
Well, I on the other hand have had better luck with advancing the low end timing to get it to spool faster (my cam likes more timing I guess).

You can buy a 3.5" MAF sensor and a Translator +. The translator + will allow you to adjust your BASE TIMING and WOT TIMING. Your base timing is basically your low end, so you could mess with that. HTH