Lower Windshield Corner Seal


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Jun 12, 2023
I am in search of replacement lower windshield corner seals, upper cowl corner seals, or lower windshield reveal molding corner seals.

Who knows what other name they could go by.....LOL!!

I have been trying to find originals or replacements.

Can somebody help me with the original part number or a link to somebody that offers replacements.

I don't know what that is either. My car has a piece of black plastic like a vapor barrier that hangs below the black stainless trim at the bottom of the windshield that the wipers sit on. It hangs down to act as a water shed I would think. I bet that would be the best option for you, finding that piece is going to be tough. You might try Mike's Montes.
I thought I remember reading about the same question about that plastic piece by the hood shock, the picture that you sent. If you keep searching on this forum, maybe you can find it unless it was lost during the crash. Good luck with your search