Lower windshield panel refinishing


Nov 23, 2008
I'm trying to do some restoration work on an 87 GN. There's a metal panel at the bottom of the windshield that has faded. I would like to redo it as close to factory as possible. I've seen a few redone and they were either too glossy or too dull. What's the best way to do it right?
Scuff with scitch brite, clean and paint as chuck mentioned with sem trim black...satin
I know you said you wanted stock but here is what I did.
the factory black ones are steel and often rusty. the chrome ones i think are aluminum or stainless i have yet to see a rusty one.i'm sure the chrome ones can be painted black in case your steel one is rusty or pitted
Is the SEM trim black that mentioned above out of a spray can? If so how do you get the right finish? I think I've tried trim paint before from a spray can and it looks good but is rarely the right finish I guess because part of it dries by the time you paint the next part and it gets overspray on it.
I powder coated mine satin black. It turned out fine did not warp.
When I pulled mine off to sand and paint, it was so flimsy and bent slightly, is there an aftermarket one that I not so flimsy?
I redid mine with black satin and it turned out almost perfect. When I buy paint I go to napa and get the matched paint. When I redid the steering wheel I got the matching paint for it and it looked amazing.
No carbon fiber work but I've done it both the ol skool ways. SEM trim black was a great match - I did that over a prepped original blackout part. The powder coat was a 30% gloss black that came out very close and was done over an original chrome (SS) part. If you'rre going that route ask the powdercoater about degrees of gloss he can use.

Incidentally both of the trims I used above had some slight kinks/bends that I messaged out pretty well & when fastened on to the car were almost invisible to the casual eye.

Just my 2 cents.