LQ4 swap, rear suspension question

Zeth Hale

Jul 28, 2014
I posted this on g body forum haven't had any luck with a reply.
My motor is lq4 6.0 with gen 4 internals. 225/230 600 lift 113lsa
317 heads home ported
Truck intake
120 lb injector on e85
S480 billet
Don't have it together but should be good for 700+ wheel with a 4l80e behind it.
4l80 will be built and be stalled at 3000

Now that that's out of the way, I still want the car to handle off drag strip I'd like to keep a triangulated 4 link or stock variation rather then doing a back half. So my question is is there a lot of g bodys running stock style rear suspension in say mid 9 sec range?
Yes. G Body rear suspension works well on and off the track. A good weld in rear sway bar is best, but a HR Parts bolt in does a nice job. Aftermarket control arms and weld in frame reinforced brackets help. I also add a cross bar between the spring perches. Boxing the frame rails helps. Narrowing the rear rails for tire clearance weakens things up a lot. Add adittional cross members to bring back some rigitity. Of course, a roll cage will be required, too. Talk with your local chassis builder, then talk to more.
I plan on doing all the cage work. I had talked to an old timer that has a cutlass and he had told me I need parallel 4 link and anything else won't get me there. So after searching and not much headway I decided to ask. I plan on doing frame off boxing and cut a recess in the frame for bigger meats. I just wanted to know if there were cars running low 9s on stock geometry figured I'd ask here because I know some of the 3.8 guess are pretty against v8 cars (for the record my car was a base model regal)
rear frame tie bars 002.jpg
rear frame brace brkts 008.jpg
rear frame tie bars 001.jpg