Ls1/6 Spd & 5.0 Pony Smackdown

turbo nasty

Turbo Dojo / MNTR
Jul 19, 2001
First time at the strip in the GN and first pass against the LS1 I ran a 14.2 due to me lifting the throttle on the other end of the 1/4. frustrated leaving the slip shack, I get back to the stage lanes determined to better this pass. Next was the 5.0 that had an obnoxious loud exhaust and big tires and I get in a better burnout and launch w/more boost and stay in it and break off a 13.8 and the poor wittle pony wony ran a poor wittle 14.0.
And next was the LS1/6spd again well he got the smack and my best 13.825 time and only on the #4 on the 7 position thumbwheel about 18 psi though the stock downpipe and stock cat back exhaust. ...............Later