ls1 gets Beatdown like a dog


Are you watching Phil?
May 25, 2001
I'll start this story by saying i was in the sleeper nova instead of the gn. I hope you guys don't mind the non-GN story. About a half-hour ago this ls-1 just got his rear handed to him by grandmas car. These two younger guys come crusing up next to me on m-53 and gratiot and says you want to run grandmas car. I say, " sure "!! I wonder what these guys were thinking coming up against a split pea green nova with fish bowl hub caps and 185-70-14 white wall tires, and a real bad attitude.

The light turns green and the ls-1 gets a real good jump on me {i'd say at least two cars}, my tires are just spinning. The engine is coming up to 6800, and i'm at his rear bumper. Shift to second. The camaro is starting to get passed up in real quick fashion. The engine is coming up to 6500 still in second, The camaro has fallen behind big time. Shift to third. The camaro has lost so much ground and isn't going to catch up { even if he had spray} so i let up and start slowing it down { 4 wheel drum is something else}. We get to the next light and they ask with the look of total disbeleif, " how did you pull past me so quickly". I said, " Pure Power". I did have my GN hat on so the GN spirit must have taken over, It's crazy. They were pretty cool about it all.