LT1 & LS1 maf


hey guys what is the diiference between the two because i will be upgrading and not sure which to go with...
I run the LT1 MAF, Regular Translator and Turbotweak chip...nice and simple...just the way I like it.
oe mafs are hard to find if nonexistent. rebuilt stockers are notorious for being junk. plus lt1 is 3 inches in diameter, ls1 is 3.5, which is bigger than stock. so both allow more airflow in....
LT1 sensor is 3" vs. the LS1 which is 3.5". The LS1 is about $10 cheaper but given that the diameter is 3.5" you will end up spending more on reducer hoses and such to get it to work with a standard 3" intake or 4" intake, not to mention the size of the air filter.

Keep a MAF, regardless of which one you use. Going speed density isn't exactly plug n' play. It takes a lot of setup and tuning.