Lugs and Caps for GNX rims


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Jun 3, 2001
Hello All,

Where can i get the best price for lugs with the black caps over lugs and the wheel center caps from...I bought the GNX look alikes awhile back now its time to put it on my is getting better :)
I have nothing to back this up, but my tire guy told me some 90's GM trucks used the same lugs and caps. He even gave me a couple extra caps which fit my lugs fine.

Perhaps a boneyard?

Mike [:)
They are pretty common on a lot of 80s and 90s GM sport trucks, cars and just about anything. GM will even sell them to you brand new! ;)
Try SLP at 732-349-2109.

#82552 set of 20 with black caps for $19.95
#82555 set of 20 with chrome caps for $24.95
#82556 set of 4 locking for $24.95

That's where I got mine.
According to their website:

These lug nut packages feature 20 OEM steel lug nuts and 20
screw on caps in your choice of finish.

You can plug in the part numbers or go browse, wheels, page through until you get to the lug packages.