LVD for Test-n-Tune Saturday, 6-29

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Out cruisin'.
May 29, 2001
Me and a bunch of my buddies are going up to LVD Saturday the 29th for Test-n-Tune, anyone interested? We'll probably be leaving around 7:30-8:00 in the morning. Hopefully the weather will be good, and not quite as molten as this weekend was. :D

Hopefully I will be in decent shape after the Rush concert Friday nite. :D Gotta see if I can beat the 12.74 from my last outing.

Some of the cars in the convoy are:
'98 LS1 T/A
'01 Mustang GT
'94 Mustang GT (if he gets his arse in gear and puts it back together)
'87 GN (me)

Hope to see some of ya up there! :)

Hey Steve...........How's it going???? Just wondering what ya run Saturday????

Hey Ken,
Hopefully I'll be able to run a should be a little less humid. There's supposed to be some Super Stock cars there too.
How's the car? Ready to do some racin'? :D

Can't make it Sat. Family picnic/birthday thing...

Also have a bad summer cold which sucks.

Post the next time ya go if there is one I need some more times for salvageV6. :)
I had the summer cold thing too, sucks, doesn't it? Hope you feel better soon. Ok, we need times for sat. and who's getting ready for the High Tech shootout?
It was an OK day

It was a lot more hot & humid than the last time I went, so my times were off, and I tried running with the street chip (20*) instead of the race chip (26*) to see if I could hit 12's on the street chip. Nope, not today at least. Just couldn't match what I ran last time out (12.74 @ 106). Switched back to the race chip and ran my best run of 12.91 @ 105.1. Also ran a 12.99 @ 104.1, but all my passes with the street chip were in the 13.0-13.1 second range at around 102. Was having a hard time hooking up and holding boost @ the line. Heated the Hoosiers real good, but I couldn't hold more than 5psi (even with the big brake shoes). I've held more than that before, almost 10psi. Tried playin with some things (tire pressure, airbags) but to no avail. All runs were made with the converter locked in 3rd, on Sunoco 94 w/alky, 22 psi. No knock to speak of, just under 3* of transitional. Had the front shocks set at 90/10 today, last time they were at 70/30.

I'm going on a Wednesday night in a cloupla weeks, to try it in the nice crisp, cool night air. :D

Strange thing, the car ran best (the 12.91 run) when I put the cap on the dump tube. :confused:. With the race chip and the open dump, the car developed a slight stumbling at the top of each gear.

A couple of guys I know were thinking about drivin our cars down to the GMHTP shootout to race. Probably going either way, just trying to decide if I wanna race or not.

Yeah it was kinda hot still today too! Low 90's I guess. :(

I might be interested in tagging along on a Wed. night.

Looks like you are getting the handle on the tuning part of racing. :)
Street nite @ LVD

salvage, I'll let ya know when we're going, probably in 2-3 weeks. Gotta make sure I can get off work the day after. :D

Tuning is a pain in the arse! But it's still fun.