M&A 14 bolt heads and 76 turbo


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i still have the heads and valve covers for sale 1100.00
also have a 76 percision turbo-500.00
i would do some tradeing on turbo for a small one like a 49 or 44 turbo.... what you got....
here are some parts i would trade for
stock intake and hat
36#inj or 44# and chips
49 or 44 turbo
3inch d/pipe for stock headers
8.5 rear end needs(it need to be close to alabama)
200r4 trans and converter also close to alabama too
might think of some other stuff later..

I don't have 36's or 44's but I've got a set of 42.5's and a matching TT alky chip if you're interested in them. I'll also have a 3" downpipe as soon as I take it off my car. It's a Poston's or Kirban's but I welded the slip part together so it can't leak and modified the inlet to take a graphite donut gasket and spring loaded studs like stock. It works great and doesn't leak! I'm going to a Houston pipe so I won't need this one any longer.
I have a real nice set of low mileage 36 lb injectors and dyno tech chip-they ran great-just took them off to go to 80s-less than 3000 miles on injectors, I ll trade you the injectors & chip plus $200.Paypal For the turbo shipped.
smokin deal on that turbo. I have 42.5# 009's with red 93 chip, or a set of 42# injectors i would trade towards that turbo too. I'll let you work with the others on the table ahead of me but i'm also interested in the turbo