M&A Aluminium Heads/Roller rockers etc.


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M&A Aluminium Heads.


Fresh, welded and repaired/ceramic sealed by Champion racing heads.
Brand new 1.46" beehive valve springs/titanium retainers/forged locks/spring cups.
Set up for hyd Roller cam.
Receiver grooves.
Ported by Champion, flowed in the 220s/180 range.
Included are 1.60 roller rockers, valve covers, head gaskets, valve cover gaskets.

1.84 int/ 1.60 exh.

Lots of $$$ into these, check out the pictures.

Asking best reasonable offer over $2000.
you still have the heads? will the gaskets and rockers got too,will they fit a stock g/n????are they bolt on to a stock motor?
What are you looking for as far as trades? How about a stock rebuilt 87 motor with only 800 miles on it? even trade?
are the heads still for sale, will they fit 109 block and do you have the intake to match!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D