M & H Drag Radails


Jan 12, 2007
Need to find a set of Drag Radials to purchase for my 16" GNX replicas. Considering a set of (M&H Drag Radials 275/55-16) these tires. Can anyone tell me about the traction with these tires?
I've had a set of these for a while and they hooked pretty good on the street, but I've never tried them at the track. I wasn't using them very often and eventually ended up trading these wheels and tires for a set of 20" wheels (which I don't use much either...)

I thought they worked great .. 16" ones are hard to get in the right size ya need.

I ran them on the street last year for rock n rods in Sioux city....they hooked up pretty good....especially on a non-prepped street....thinking about getting another set....
I liked the pair I had. but the M&H's seem to run a bit narrow.

There's also a 295 50 16 on the market now too. M/T I think?
My Uncle has them on his car. I like them. You can tell its not a street tire driving it day to day and they work fine on his high 11 sec combo. I will put them to the test this year but have no doubt the will be fine for low 11's hight 10's.
There's also a 295 50 16 on the market now too. M/T I think?

I run them and I like them, good hook on the street if I leave at less than 4lbs. of boost,but I think I'll be lucky to get about 5 thousand miles out of them.

They really fill up the wells and look great on the car also.

Here they are last year at a street race....275/50/16 leaving at 6-7psi

(The 87 turbo t with chrome bumpers...)