M/T ET Street radial PRICES??


Tag - WUTSA V8
May 27, 2001
Is it just me not knowing where to look or has anyone else noticed that EVERYONE seems to be following the same pricing guideline for M/T ET Street Radials? I need a new set but everyone wants $204 a tire. I got all excited when I found a place advertising $25 off on orders over $150 but THEN found they charge $25 a tire to ship.

This stinks $200 a tire??? Does anyone know of anyplace offering decent prices on these tires?

You aren't going to find a deal for $100 a tire, sorry. Try pricing out tires for a Zo6 :frown: Problem is that people are paying top dollar for the M/T tires at that price because they want the best product for their money right now. Why spend 150 or 175 a tire when it won't hook as well as a 200 tire? There is a local Corvette guy here that spends $12,000+ a year on tires to race in autocross yearly at the local level for fun, not even national races, and no prize money:eek: