NT555r vs ET Street SS?

I understand it's all about what kind of goals you want.
My goals are just to be able to drive the damned thing at this point without thinking I will suffer a blowout from rubbing... Or dry rot hahaha.

Again, I don't race. My car is quick, but not pretty. I am not looking for track times to improve, as I only know the car went 12.50's, and that was not running even close to properly, before I owned it.
Let me preface by saying I have run both but on an 18" wheel. My car makes 500+ to the tire, street tune. I ran the regular 555 non r first. The car was basically Undrivable on the street, instant tire smoke and rev limiter with full throttle under 80 mph. I put on the 555r's and it was drivable on the street - 0-2 psi launch and would usually haze the tires. Not dead hooked but manageable. I had 25 passes, 15 dyno pulls and and 1000 miles on them. They held up well and did great on the street as far as "driving". They had a best of 1.48 60ft at the track. They had a tendency to inconsistently "tire shake" when the convertor grabbed the engine at the track, Usually resulting in a mid 1.60 60 ft. I now have the MT on and they don't feel as good "cruising", they are better hooking on the street. I have yet to have them on the track, but I expect them to be better than the Nitto's.

If I were using the car as the way you described your usage, I would run the 555r's.