M/T ET Streets burnout and launch?


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May 28, 2001
You guys with M/T ET Streets, what type of burnout is recommanded, light, heavy, get in the water or not?
How many #'s boost do you launch with?
The best way to do a burn out is roll through the water and Maybe spin them slow once to get them wet. Its much easier on the car to start with a wet tire than trying to spin a dry one. I used to drive arround and back in, but pretty muched stopped doing that (even when running drag radials and wide front tires) I will saw the front tires a few times to scrub off any water on the fronts.

A few second burn out should be enough if the track is prepped, a little longer if it isn't.

Launch with as much boost as you can hold or 10psi, what ever comes first.
The site suggests a hard burnout for one or two passes then a light burnout from there on.
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What do you mean by that?

Turn the wheel back and forth while I pull up to the lights to scrape the water off.