M/T ET Streets on stock rims?


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Anyone running M/T ET Streets on the stock '87 GN rims?
If so, what size?
I was about to buy a set of M/T ET Drags in the 28x9.0-15, the ET Streets do not come in that size. Was thinking it may be better to not have to change tires at the track, but rather at home this way, but the smallest width they come in is 10.5" and are less than 26" tall :(
MT ET Streets come In 26X10.5...they are really 8" wide and just under 26" tall and they should work fine with your car

you don't need 28" tires until 115+
Thanks azgn, I think the ET Drags 28x9.0-15 are actually just barely 27" tall. I really didn't want to go any smaller than stock, and I'm up to 109mph but not getting any traction to run a good 60'. I think with traction I'll be close to 110-112 maybe more, so I don't think I want to go with a smaller tire??
I have been lighting the BFG DR up for the entire 60' sometimes, before the head work, intake work, and springs I had no problems, now this baby is alive!