M3 Gets Schooled


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Jan 6, 2002
Posted this one some years ago. Still a worthy repost:

I'm tooling along, ahead of the traffic as usual...in my Cobra...with a stock 3.8 engine and a few bolt-ons, mid 11 second ride. I look in the rearview and see a guy driving aggressively, changing lanes, zig-zagging. Get a good look, it's a new M3. He want's me bad and he's gonna show this li'l white Cobra what the Germans can do.

So I set him up. Perfect setup! Get to the red light and take the right lane which cuts over to a single lane in around the eighth mile mark. He gets in next to me.

I look over, he won't make eye contact but has a passenger, probably a 13 year old son. Hear him rev, light goes green. He gets ahead of me by half a car length. I nail it, the spanking begins. Boost hits, and I get two car lengths on him - all before I get to the cutoff - so I move in. I hear him hit his rev limiter! Pow, pow, loses ground, and I see him in the mirror pounding his steering wheel. A definite Kodak moment there...

Get to the next light, I'm turning right, he's going left. I notice he was wearing driving gloves...hmmm, BMW driver wearing driving gloves, how unusual:rolleyes:. Then his kid slowly turns to me, looks at me with something of a grin, and slowly gives me the thumb's up...dad didn't see it since he was still tunnel vision forward.

Son: Dad, I thought this car was fast.

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