Machine cap for line hone/girdle ?


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May 25, 2001
how much is taken off the bottom of the cap for a line hone ? is it .002"-.004" ? thanks .

first time setting up a girdle . by supplied instructions when installing a girdle the top of the caps are machined and girdle/shims is set up with aprox .005" between girdle and pan rail preload . and then check to see if a line hone is required . But,if a line hone is required general machine shop practice is to machine the bottoms of the caps before a line hone . if that is the case you would lose your .005" preload . do you just re-shim between the top of the cap and girdle to get back your .005" ? i would like to get a line hone regardless just to clean everything up . block is a STD high mileage stocker

I was going to take the block in and get the pan rail machined prefectly flat to crank C/L ( I know my girdle is already dead flat , I had it surface ground). and then get the caps machined .005" above the rail . that way any shims are eliminated and you are working with things being dead on prefect . so..... my thinking is getting the bottom of the caps machined .002" for the line hone . then cut .005" above the machined block pan rail . or include the difference of the shim that comes with the girdle .either way would work . am I missing something ?
how much is taken off the cap is usually up to the person doing the work, there is no "set" amount to take off, we usually take .004 off on most everything we do, talk w/ your machine shop and let them know what you're aiming for