Made it to RCG in North Carolina...........wahoo


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May 24, 2001
Well Mr and Mrs WE4 have relocated to Burlington North Carolina !!!
Cindy and I have bought a new home and are residing in North Carolina as of Nov 1, 2023.
Working with Richard Jay and Pete , at RCG will begin a new phase of life .
Look for alot of new things coming down the pipe.
But here we are and could not be happier to be OUT of the land of Fruits and Nuts.
3793 miles door to door.
What a move it was. Ya dont realize how much shit youve acquired till ya move, especially coast to coast.
More to come in the near future
Right now just trying to acclimated
Cindy already has a job and is working at Legion Veterinary Hospital in Chapel Hill NC
Drop me/us a line.......
If i dont answer leave a message
Half the time I cant find the damn phone. ;)