MAF Opinions


Apr 2, 2010
Im am lookin into replacing my original MAF sensor. As of now the problems that I have is when I first start the car the idle is up and down for about 5 minutes, until warm. Also while driving, if I release the gas pedal quick the rpms drop to almost stalling for a second, then it will pick back up.

I was thinking of installing a 3.5 ls1 MAF and Transistor 2. Now if I understand this correctly, with the transistor 2 I can adjust my air/fuel ratio and if I have a wide band o2 sensor I can set a desired Air/Fuel ratio.

Basically my main goal is to correct the issues I have and I would like to add more control to my tune.

What’s your opinions on this. I don’t need anything crazy just want to properly monitor and tune that car for street performance use.

Note: I have a ESP Front Mount IC for sale that i would consider trading for obove mentioned items or a Alky Kit.
Also I forgot to mention the idle surge only happens in closed loop, which the car goes in within a minute of starting.
I will have to check my powerlogger recordings when i get home but off the top of my head MAF at idle i beleive is 7-8 and WOT 255, IAC 15-18, TPS 44.
While we would like to sell you a Translator and there is for sure benifits to having one. A chip change to something current technology will fix the problems you describe. It will not add all the tuning optons you speak about but it will fix the problem
I had the same issue with the Postons 8 Pos chip and stock MAF. I switched to a TT chip, LT1 Maf and Translater...prob solved. The difference was night and day.
What chip would you recommend? The car has TE44 with PTE SLIC, 55lb low impedance injectors, 210/215 roller cam, ported heads, 3000 stall lock up converter. Walbro 340 pump.

Also what is the defference for chip tuned for Alky. Boost and timing?
I am far from a pro at this TR stuff but from the hundreds of hours Ive spent on the board, the TT chip wins hand down. I am sure the pros will chime in and tell you the same. I think TT can burn you a chip for pretty much combo you have.
Basically it's a turbo tweak chip or extender extreme chip. I'm sure Mike or Eric will jump in to tell you the best one but it should be one of those two chips. I believe the extender chip is better for the gen 2 translator and you can get it now and have it reburned later when you get the alky kit and I think a reburn is only like $10.