maf translator

Splwubs GN

May 24, 2001
i just received my maf translator ver 5.x not the PLUS VER.

Ok. I also have the 3.5 maf sensor.. I hooked everything up and started it up.. Still runs ruff on idel. So i switched the Maf base to 1 which is
3.5" LT1/LS1 maf sensor (turbo V6) (richer at idel)

So it runs a lot better then it set to 0. But at startup it still runs a LITTLE ruff and sounds like its going to stall until u rev it up a little. But i can live with this..
I have the MAF Wot set to 0..

There is 4 dip switches
Switch1 is - On=6 cylinders and off=8 cylinders

switch2 is - on=old style ecm (Turbo V6) and off=New style Pcm (LT1/LS1, SC3800, truck)

switch3 is - on=Output signal limited (blocks DTC Code 102 on OBDII vehicles) and says Should also be set to ON for Gn / retrofit vehicles that are NOT running extender Chips.

Switch4 is - 'late model' vehicles: on= 85 mm MAF cars that were originally equipped with 3.5

The maf Translator i got from ramchargers
When they shipped it to me the dip switches were set to

I am not running an extender chip.. This info is coming from the instrustions that came with the maf translator.. On the inside of the maf transltor is has a quick ref.. Well it doenst say that about switch 3.. I forget what it says at the moment because i screwed it back together..
So i am asking should i set SWTICH 3 TO ON since i do not have the extender chip.. I have a custom burned chip from
1/4 mile performance from Jim D A. I am going to ask him if thats an extender chip.. But i dont think it is.. I am positive he did it hims self..

So should i leave switch 3 off on set it to on