Maf ??

Lee Thompson

New Member
May 24, 2001
Getting code 34 (MAF)--5 different mafs (2 know to be good) so I'm pretty sure it is not the maf. My ? is do any of the ignition module wires pertain to the maf circuit? Reason I ask is I had the block off to check for bad ends. 2 of them were pushed back into the plastic block. Repaired that thinking that was the problem. No change. Obviously I'm slow when it comes to electronics. Thanks

The MAF only has 3 wires going to it. The black is a ground, the pink w/ black is 12 volts and the gray goes directly to the ecm. I guess you could verify 12 volts between the pink and black wires and check continuity for the gray from the sensor to the ecm.
Make sure car didnt have a FASt in it as the FAST ties the three bar and the MAF signal together.

As above, confirm 12 volts and ground on the connector.