make 4 gallons


Mar 15, 2003
Hey im at work and a co-worker and I are going nuts trying to remember how to do this... we actually were filling up a few spas in our boring little world of pool and spa supplies...

well if you remember seing die hard three there was a scene where sammy and bruce had to make exactly 4 gallons of water using only a 3 and a 5 gallon container... This is driving me nuts..
The only way I can think of doing it is:
1. fill up 5 gallon drum

2. fill up 3 gallon withwut is in the five... leaving two left in the five..

3. dump out the 3 gallon and pour the two gallons remaining in the 5 into it... and then marking the jug..

4. pour the 2 gallons back into the 5.

5. refill the 3 gallon up to the two gallon mark and pour it into the
5... presto.. 4 gallons..

my co-worker happens to think that they accomplished this without making any sort of marks on the bottle...
Fill up the 3 gallon jug.
Pour it into the 5 gallon jug.
Refill the 3 gallon jug
Pour it also in the 5 gallon jug, when the 5 gallon jug is full, that will leave exactly 1 gallon left in the 3 gallon jug.
Pour out the 5 gallon jug
Pour whats left in the 3 gallon jug (exactly one gallon) into the now empty 5 gallon jug.
Refill the 3 gallon jug.
Pour the 3 gallon jug into the 5 gallon jug, and now its contents is exactly 4 gallons!
1. fill up the 5 gallon
2. fill up the 3 gallon jug from the 5 leaving 2 gallons in the 5 gallon jug.
3. dump out the 3 gallon jug dump the gallons of water out of the 5 gallon jug in to the 3 gallon jug.
4. fill up the five gallong jug again dump dump 1 gallon in to the 3 gallon jug already containing 2 gallons leaving 4 gallons in the 5 gallon jug
Go to the store. Buy 4 gallon jugs of water. Pour them in the five gallon bucket. Sit on the 3 gallon bucket and laugh at all the poor slobs trying to figure this out the hard way.
Its all so clear to us now... being the water experts we are....

thanks for your help... i can eat my lunch in peace now...