manual antenna


Jun 23, 2006
Switching from a power ant to a manual ant. Where can i find the procedure for this? How to remove old and put new 1 in. Are there any tips or tricks for this? trying to NOT take the fender loose if possible.
go to gnttype

Look here: Index of /techarea
You will have to loosen the fender area near the door.
You will also have to replace the cable from radio to antenna & this will take as much time & patience as replacing the antenna. :smile:
The existing cable is there, could i just unplug old antenna and plug manual 1 in? (The cable came attached to the manual antenna).
maybe, but......

You need some way to get the new cable thru the car body. The old cable goes thru a hole w/grommet & will have to be removed in order to use that same grommet. I don't know of any other accessible holes. ;)
Got it mounted. I loosened bottum of fender and pulled it out far enough to get my hand up to the hole with the antenna and had somebody else screw the ant to the base. antenna is not screwed to the body itself, but it works like we have it. Was kinda a pita.