manual steering box needed.

Manual steering


Sold mine, came off of an early S-10 at the salvage yard. I think I paid like $40 bucks for it. Make sure to check how many turns it takes "lock to lock" as there are 2 different boxes. Took about an hour to find one & pull it.


It's -15* right now, or I'd offer to find you one :eek:
S-10 manual box

I pulled mine from a junked 1990 S-10 (I-4 w/man trans). Any of the 1982-1994, first gen S10's should work. Check over on for the build questions (FAQ section) and it spells it out!


Was a very easy swap, just didn't like the feel of the manual box. But it make the 454 swap easy!

I have a rebuilt one in NJ an a complete front end set up tierods centerlink idler. Guy I bought it from went to a rack has a race season on parts. I paid $150 for the set up would sell for the same. Mike
I have a manual box from my 67 Firebird and I am pretty sure it will bolt right on to a G Body. You would need to put a G body pitman arm on it. I would take $30 plus shipping for it.