map sensors



I have a 406SBC which used to have a blower. The blower is gone and I`m still using the 2-bar map. What can I expect from changing to a 1-bar now that its N/A? Will I need to make significant changes to the tune now that it will use all the rows in the VE table instead of half? Anything else I should know?

I maybe wrong but I don't see any reason you would want to change the MAP sensor, you will gain nothing or loose nothing.

A 1 bar map sensor only reads to 0 (no positive pressure or one atmosphear) the 2 bar map can read up to like 15# of boost but will read as low in vacuume so other than just wanting to change it there is no gain.

I hope that helps, just my opinion
Switching to a one bar map gives you an entire table to tune with, not just half of a table like you have now. If you are satisfied with the way the car runs and drives right now, what the heck, why blow money on a new sensor? If you feel you could improve things with the additional resolution offered by the correct sensor for the job, then you should go buy a MAP sensor for a 1990 Camaro with a 350. You'll need to redo the VE table, but you should be able to get it real close before you even drive. Just set the values from the original 2-bar table as best you can, and fill in the gaps with what looks like it should fit in.