Mass Air Flow


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My MAF finally went after 20 years. I went to Auto Zone and purchased one for $71.00 (New). Installed it and at first it ran rich. I then unplugged the connection near the battery to reset the computer and all was fine. Under a load it seems fine too. My question is there any difference between Auto Zone MAF and lets Kirban which cost $189. :confused:
Keep an eye on that MAF. Make sure it goes to 255 grams. I thoght the Kirban's one was a rebuilt unit. When my MAF took a dump, I bought a known good used one. I had a RMFG MAF on one car and it only went to 210 grams. I have heard the rebuilt ones are hit and miss. But I would say your MAF is fine as long as it goes to 255 grams.