Max boost launch on MT DR 275/60/15 ?


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Can any one do high boost launches on MT DRs? Whats the secret?
I can make 12psi boost on the foot brake but the MT DRs 275/60/15 cant hold it and get blown away. They seem to stick at about 7-8 psi launch max.
18-20 psi in tire gets same result.
Am I asking too much of a DR?
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What kind of PSI you running? Have you tried adjusting that? How was the track prep? Was it a TNT where everyone was blowing there tires off, or were others making good short times?


Wish I Had A Clone. AKA Andrew Youlio
It was a TnT during a Bracket race event. Lots of cars with slicks. Both me and another TR driver with MT DRs was only able to launch with 7-8psi boost. But that’s was about it. Similar for other nights.
He runs mid 6s, and I high 6s in the 1/8.
The slick cars had no problem.

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Wish I Had A Clone. AKA Andrew Youlio
no matter how I asked, wouldn't stick much over 5psi. Will try MT Pros next round


Wish I Had A Clone. AKA Andrew Youlio
I tried with no air bag pressure but had some rubbing on a hard hit, so running 5psi at the moment


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255 shouldn't rub anywhere with the right wheel offset. I had them on stock t rims with plenty of room.


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I have had great experience with the instant center adjustment from H&R. On a well prepped track and 255's, the car launched 10-12 psi, no spinning.
Should be better now that the exhaust leaks are fixed and the converter is right.


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Monroe shocks are not what I'd use to dial in the suspension.
I'd look at a double adjustable shock for all 4 corners.